K-pop vs. A-pop

What is A-pop? Oh I don’t know.  American pop wouldn’t be the answer. Please proceed to the back of the line if you took that seriously. Of course it’s American pop music!! Korean’s pop culture looks up to the ones who made it…well pop. Oh, I’m on a roll with the lame jokes, but seriously if you look at Rain he should remind you of Justin Timberlake. Or Usher, but taken how Usher became relevant in the pop world after Yeah, I think Justin is our first pick. What I just did there is what a lot of people do.  They compare K-pop artists to A-pop artists. You may think that this isn’t a big deal, oh how you are sadly mistaking, it’s a huge deal to people. I’ll try not to be bias, I promise. People who LOVE A-pop will defend our music to their graves, and what are we Americans best at doing to others countries besides bombing them. That’s right shoving our greatness in their faces. Even those who used to criticize Lady Gaga will say that BOA has nothing on her. I can’t stand wishy washy fans! I just can’t. Though, it’s the same for K-pop fans. We’ll disrespect the A-pop stars because they don’t really go through the same hardship as Korean stars. Well that’s what we think. It’s terrible really. Comparing stars, but there’s a BIGGER competitor against K-pop. Yes, A-pop is a competitor, but stars like Rain, Big Bang, and Wonder girls who worked and met American artists calmed the fans down. No, fans turn into hounds in this match. K-pop vs. J-pop. Oh lawd, will that be an interesting post.

Until next time,

Miss KanaissaHollins

P.S. Wishy washy fans means a fan one minute not a fan the next. Ugh, I really don’t like them.


One thought on “K-pop vs. A-pop

  1. Eric says:

    Ugh. I consider Kpop to be superior to Jpop in every way. This video convinced me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hYJFBO1wVF0. I will say that E-Girls’ Sunflower was really good, as a notable exception.

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