The artist of the month month month….

I really want to do artist of the month and since it’s my blog I might as well get to it! This month’s artist, well group, will be 2PM!!! OH MY GOODNESS! Can I just say that I really really love this group? Well I do. Not because they were my FIRST K-pop group I heard…okay wait it is because they were the first k-pop group I’ve heard. Now Ryan Higa deserves this month too for introducing Jay Park to my sister, and so does my sister I guess. She was the one forced me to look at 2PM, now I was just like any other non k-pop lover. I criticized the way they look and how they dressed. Please don’t kill me, but what do you expect seeing something so abnormal? Let me stop, my first experience with K-pop should be another post, but now that I think about it that probably should have been the first post. Whatever, but 2PM gosh I really love them. There are six members in 2PM Junho, Junsu, Wooyoung, Chansung, Nichkhun, and Taecyeon. Jay Park used to be in 2PM until the fans lost their damn minds over something he said, but again that’s another post. Their debut song was 10 out of 10. *Does the dance* They instantly rose to the top with their mature songs like 10 out of 10 and became the Beastly Idols. I will post a lot of 2PM stories throughout the month of September, so by the end you’ll become a HOTTEST!!


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