BREAKING NEWS! Seungri involved in sex scandal!

Seungri involvement with an unknown girl in sex scandal!This story was posted September 13th, so I guess it’s not so new now. This site was originally created to get people to like and understand k-pop and it still is, but you still need to know what’s going on over there in Korea. It just so happens that Seungri from Big Bang is over in Japan filming a new Japanese drama. The woman who slept with him decided to leak photos of Seungri while he was sleeping and claims that he did some disturbing things to her. Now, I don’t know if I should believe the woman or not, but the photos looks EXACTLY like him. Fans tried to counter the photos claiming that’s another person but photo shopped to look like Seungri. Again, the picture looks exactly like him and I doubt the story will pass to the neitzens. Artists from the United States could get away with things like this, I mean every star sleeps with someone who just happens to be a prostitute, but over in Korea it’s a BIG thing. With this scandal he could possibly lose is role in the new drama and that’s a pretty big thing since Big Bang is inactive right now. In translation no cash flow. I will write a post about how bad scandals can be in Korea and why fans can dictate their lives, but I’ll do it after the good things of K-pop. Can I at least get you to like it first? Click the link to get the full details of the story below.


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