Korean Age

Do you want to know why an K-pop idol who was born in your year seem be to a year older? Click that continue to read button right here —>Allow me to clarified Korean age system. Don’t worry this will not be a long post. When a women is pregnant we do not count the time that the baby is in the womb, but Koreans do. Once the baby is born s/he is already one year old. Weird right? I discovered this when I was crying that Nichkhun was over my age limit and I’m still crying. Even though it brought his age down by a year, he’s still too old for me. *Cries* It’s terrible, but I got over that when I ran across younger idols like Choi Minho. Next time, I hope you will not be confused when I say, “Korean age” but if it still confuses you just add a year to your age. I can literally drink at the age of twenty in Korea instead of here in the United States. I see what they did there.


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