[BREAKING NEWS] Seungri is in ANOTHER scandal!

Really Seungri?  Two scandals within a week AND with two different females? More about this scandal below! He’s just asking for his fans to have a heart attack. One thing for sure he didn’t get fired from his role in the Japanese drama as I thought he would! The scandal this time was with co-star Anna Kubo. Paparazzi caught Kubo hugged up on Seungri, holding his hand, AND kissed him on the cheek. WHAT THE? I couldn’t believe my eyes when I looked at the video. Now, to Seungri defense Anna looked pretty drunk, but the thing is he allowed her to do it. Please do not attack me, but what man would push a hot chick away when she’s drunk? Right, the ones who are gay. No offense. What shocked me is the fact that they look like real lovers and after looking at the video fans are thinking the same. We were questioning it so much that Seungri’s boss released a statement. YG, Seungri’s boss, claims that there’s no relationship between Seungri and Kubo. Remember the previous scandal involving Seungri, where was YG’s statement then? Most neitzens don’t care about celebrity going out with another celebrity, but with a complete stranger they’ll go berserk. Why a kiss on a cheek gets a statement, but not a crazy girl who claimed that she had sex with Seungri? Something is not right, so is the sex scandal true? Check out the story with the video below!


YG’s Statement story link below!


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