2PM’s Hot Blood series.

The hardship of 2PM before actually debuting. Training sucks!Remember when I said that before a Korean artist or group can debut they have to train? Yes? No? You didn’t read my previous post? Well, JYP wanted to make some profit on the trainees training before their actual debut and boy did he gain some cash. It was because of us. The world, I mean whoever liked K-pop, wanted to see the training idols kept talking about. We mostly wanted to see Nichkhun before what he is now.  We wanted to see Taecyeon before the muscles. We wanted to see 2PM before they were formed as 2PM. The sister group, 2AM, were also in Hot Blood series and two members from B2st who were sadly rejected. In the YouTube clip below shows how bad training can be, well not in the first episode JYP tricks you right there, but starting from the second episode. Hot Blood showed us how desperate it is to survive the cut and how hard it is to debut in Korea. Check it out!

P.S. I’m sorry if I get you hooked on this show, but I’m doing my job. Carry on.

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