2PM Variety Kings!

Move over Running Man and Strong Heart there’s a new beast in variety! Or should I say beasts.I think they are variety kings, but Super Junior been on A LOT of variety shows, so 2PM are variety princes. It’s almost normal to see K-pop idols make a fool out of themselves on television. Whether it’s kissing each other to pass a card around or competing in sports, every idol has been introduced into the variety world. 2PM went above and beyond with their THREE variety shows. Their very first one was Idol Army and as the title state they are being trained to be the best idols, but in a funny way. It’s way different compare to Hot Blood because this will truly make you laugh. Their second show was called Wild Bunny; ironically this show is to get 2PM away from their duties as idols. Apparently, being an idol over in Korea is wasn’t what we expect it to be and Wild Bunny shows us that. Sadly, the show got cancelled due to Jay Park scandal. Last but not least 2PM’s very own variety show, literally it’s named after them. 2PM Show! This show is super hilarious. 2PM is basically challenging each other to escape from being punish. Variety show’s punish hurt A LOT and this is the reason why so many look at variety shows, but like I said earlier 2PM goes above and beyond. In these shows you will see their personalities and fall in love with them even more. I admit I only start listening to them because they were hot then after looking at these variety shows and their YouTube videos I became a loyal fan. Check out the shows below.

P.S. You will probably have to search high and low for some of these shows (mostly Wild Bunny) because they are somewhat hard to find because of the copyrights.

Idol Army Season 3

Wild Bunny (click link)

Wild Bunny

2Pm Show


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