MNET Video Competition: Kanaissa’s Edition!

Yes, I would like to present my “Share the Love of K-pop” video to you all! I’m trying to convert my roommate into a K-pop fan and the best way I can get through her is with B.A.P! What a better way to end B.A.P’s month than by converting a non k-pop fan into one! Now, I’m still kind of new at Final Cut, so please take it easy on me okay! Please, and whenever I figure out where to upload this video at I would like you all to vote for me. That is if you like it, but please please like my video okay? Enjoy the nonsense of my roommate and I below or maybe just go on Facebook page since WordPress is acting difficult.

Beware of the sasaeng fans! Especially DBSK/JYJ/TVQX!

Happy Halloween people! Are you guys going trick or treating tonight? Before you go and get some candy read this beautiful post I’m about to write.  Did I just say beautiful? I mean disturbing post. As the title state beware of sasaeng fans because those females are crazy! What exactly are sasaeng fans? Just think of Justin Bieber’s fans, but a million times worst. Again, A MILLION TIMES WORST THAN JUSTIN BIEBER’S FANS! That’s really scary and the age of these fans is also scary. I’m going to tell you by grade level since that itself is shocking. Sasaeng fans are between the grade level of 6th grade to 9th grade (American school system). I’m sorry that I repeat myself a lot during this post, but that’s crazy. Where are the parents? How can these young girls skip school without getting in trouble? It’s just that there are a lot of questions that needs to be answered. Continue reading

Day 28, 29, and 30 of 30 day K-pop Challenge!

Oh My Goodness! This is the last day for my K-pop challenge…*tears* This is too much. I’m sorry that I haven’t been posting these last couple of days, but I’m glad to say that Daebak Koreans view count have not decrease! I’m so thankful for you guys and please continue to support my blog. Without further adieu please click that continue button!  Continue reading

Happy Belated Belated Birthday to Seungyeob and Jieun!

So, when I was looking for today and yesterdays birthdays, I came across two birthdays that I had missed. It’s totally not my fault though! The person who handle the page put birthdays she forgotten under birthdays she didn’t. Meaning, at the end of the correct birthdays she put birthdays she forgotten. So on the behalf of her I apologize!

Okay happy belated birthday to Seungyeob! He turned 19 years old on October 23rd and he’s a member of A-Jax!

Happy belated birthday to Jieun!  She turned 26 years old on October 24th and she’s a member of JQT!

Until next time!

Day 23, 24, and 25 of 30 day K-pop Challenge!

Busy week this week. Research paper, three essays, broadcast script, and I have to film my video for the Mnet competition. A lot on the plate and I’m getting full, but I will not neglect you guys! Never! With that said click that continue button right here—> Continue reading

Happy Birthday to Krystal Jung!

Krystal Jung turns 19 years old today and she’s a member of F(x)! Now, she’s also the younger sister of Jessica from SNSD, but I hate the fact that I have to tie this fact in when it’s Krystal’s birthday. But there’s a lot of SNSD fans out there and some may get a little rowdy and Lord knows that I don’t like rowdy. Though, she doesn’t really look like Jessica. In this picture, she looks more like Yoona, but that’s just my opinion.

B.A.P’s Stop it MV just released!

Ah, I thought this moment wouldn’t have come faster! The fact that many people said that there wasn’t going to be a music video was kind of sad, but I’m just happy that it came out! Journalism instinct was disabled I guess.This music video is WAY different compare to the B.A.P we are use to seeing. The fact that there’s a girl in it is the first thing that is different. I have no problems with it by the way. Well, since Bang YongGuk is chasing after this girl, or love struck, is kind of sad, but we are seeing a different side of B.A.P! I hope fans will understand that they cannot be hardcore ALL the time because this IS a playful music video beside Crash. I laughed throughout the whole music video! They are just so playful especially that random dance scene in the classroom. A site that all fans will most likely goo goo gaga for is that B.A.P are all blond again! A lot of fans liked their debut hair color, which they were of course blond, so to back to there roots was a site to see since not many artist do that. Let me stop, I don’t want to ruin the music video for you because I can go on and on about it. Check it out!

B.A.P 3rd Album released digitally!

Wait all night for this to come out and what should I say? My mind is completely blown out my brain! Seriously, I would do a review, but I can’t. It will basically sound the same for all three songs, but I’ll try for you guys! Click that continue to read button Babies!! Or any K-pop fan because I’m here to convert you…! Continue reading