Bias Fans in K-pop.

*Horror Scream* *Slender man caught you scream* It doesn’t matter how you scream, but be afraid of the bias fans. Either be afraid or ignore them because they’ll get under your skin. Recently I came across a blog here on Word Press and she was doing a challenge, something that I will be doing this month, anyway every challenge she completed had the same three kpop idol groups. I think that defeat the purpose of a challenge because if you already know it I don’t think it’s very challenging. Hey, maybe I’m wrong, but c’mon this blog is a challenge because I have to discover and tell you about artist that I don’t know about. A challenge that I want to do by the by. Back to the blog, I didn’t even want to continue to go through her challenges because I knew it would be members from those three groups. Maybe I sound bias here, but I need to prove a point. Remember when I said 2PM was my very first k-pop group? Hopefully you do, and this girl… this girl done said that 2PM was overrated. Now, people have their own opinion, but to disrespect a group because they cannot sing? Um, I don’t know about her, but does she know who their boss is? Literally, he’s a judge in a singing competition, and did she see Hot Blood? Let me stop.

I don’t disrespect other groups, but people who are bias does! If you ever see an AllKpop article, a site I can hopefully overcome with my progressing journalism skills, when they compare or pin two artists together, it’s a battlefield. A HOTTEST verse an ELF, 2PM fan and a Super Junior fan, will destroy each other with facts or stuff they made up just to sound better. I can admit of doing this when Nichkhun had his scandal this summer. People were bashing him because he spoke out on an idol group, Block B, for making a joke about Thailand after a tsunami destroy their home. Yes, what Nichkhun did was wrong didn’t say that it wasn’t, but do he deserve all that negative hate comment for what he did. Block B’s incident and the drunk driving? I don’t think he does, but Block B’s fans thought otherwise and just put salt on an open cut when this story came out. These are the things bias fans do brag about their favorite idol group, trash other idol groups, troll on other idol groups YouTube videos, and be nasty to an idol group they dislike when in a scandal. Hey, prove me wrong if this is not what they do and please list why because I would like to know. If there’s more tell me about it because again I would like to know. Until next time!

But c’mon how can somebody hate Nichkhun?


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