Day 3 of 30 day K-pop challenge!

I’m back again and I’m undecided about this challenge like my major. I’m playing about the last part, but welcome back.

Day 3: Ultimate male bias.

Now again I sound like a idol whore, but I narrowed it down to three! Be grateful that it’s three, it would have been ten if I didn’t think of myself as a… you know what I mean.

First and far most Nichkhun from 2PM! I wouldn’t disappoint you again, Hottest!

Next is Lee Gi Kwang! I really really love this kid! He’s just so clueless at times and it’s somewhat unbearable, but adorable! Look at his selcas!

This sealed the seal right here! 

Lastly, the new kid on the list B.A.P.’s leader Bang  Yong Guk!

Lovely! Maybe you are saying that he’s not all that, but his personality is adorable!

Well, that concludes this stupid long post. Hey, I ultimately love these three boys! Until next time!

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