K-pop Body Image Issues Part 1

I would like to discuss something rather important in Korean society which is ultimately damaged by the K-pop world. That’s my opinion, but checking out some videos online about this issue just confirms that I’m right. As the title states above I’m talking about body image and/or beauty. Koreans are known for getting a lot of plastic surgery to look like westerns, like white people. It’s not so much as black or any other race besides white. This is a problem for young preteen girls to young female adults. The main procedure is eye surgery. I don’t know about you, but what’s the first thing that comes into mind when you think of Asians? Oh, that’s right their small eyes. I thought that Asians took pride for their looks, mainly their eyes, but apparently that’s not the case, they want to have bigger eyes. Why? Because of we Americans. Hey, we cannot not help the fact that our eyes are big, God created us differently for whatever reason, but to cut your eye to make it bigger? That just sounds painful. Oh, before somebody reads this and bash me, I didn’t say that it was wrong I’m just asking why. Why do Koreans have to go to such lengths to look like us? But I haven’t even tie in the idols yet. Oh, I can see a storm in the distance.

Now, to the people who influenced it. That’s right I blame K-pop idols for the growing plastic surgery rates. Why? They can’t blame us (Americans) because our parents didn’t Photoshop their baby when we were in our mom’s stomach. That sound like some futuristic shit right there, but it’s not possible. Koreans see K-pop idols more than American celebrities and they look up to them more. So, when they see skinny, big eyes, and small face females and that’s what many males lust for than what do you think the girls are going to want to do? That’s right get surgery. Some idols don’t even admit that they had surgery and by doing that put pressure on the girls. Take it from me, when I see k-pop girl groups on variety shows and some of their music videos, I look at myself in front of the mirror. I was like, “Damn, no Koreans would want me.” Because it’s my goal to marry one, so looking at this made me sad and just wanted to settle for Americans. But, I deal with this everyday nobody wants a big, black, girl as their girlfriend. Sike, I may not have one now, but I highly doubt that…in America that is. American women average is a size 16, and I’m a size 22 not the point I was trying to make, but if a size 16 is deemed “overweight” in America it’s like freaking obese in Korea. That right there somewhat makes it hard for us because on top of learning Korean we have to lose weight. Sorry I got kind of off topic, it’s about Korean girls. If it’s hard for us then it must be harder for them because they think that they have to get plastic surgery to look like their role models. I’m not going to trash any idols because it’s what the media decides what’s beautiful and what’s not, but I believe that they have the power to change it. But in part 2 of this issue, I will be definitely trashing some idols. Maybe three. From Super Junior. Maybe.

Check out these two videos below! P.S. I am NOT in any shape or form is influencing that k-pop idols are to blame for the increase of plastic surgery. Oh wait maybe I am, but this is my opinion only!

Start at the 5:20 mark

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