Shame on you Super Junior! Body Image Issue Part 2.

This will be a touchy subject for me because now I think I’m walking on glass that’s covered in alcohol when talking about Super Junior. Negatively. Yeah, I said it. NEGATIVELY. My topic is body image issue and three members of Super Junior spoke their mind on female and their weight. This is extremely old news, but what slips on accident on camera doesn’t mean they don’t say it behind closed doors. You know, like in America, the convert racists *cough cough* Mitt Romney. Sorry, presidential debate had gotten me in the combative mood.  So, the three members are Leeteuk, Shindong, and Yesung.

Variety shows are great for promoting and making a fool out of yourself comically, but not negatively. Yesung kind of made a fool out of himself…negatively. I won’t give you exactly what he said, but it went along the lines that “Fat women are lazy.” Okay the fat part didn’t entirely get me, but the women part did. To me, he’s basically is saying that fat women are lazy, but not fat men? Hold up, Women’s studies mood is kicking in. That’s sexist and rude. How come it’s only women, but not men? I just cannot comprehend what I read. Shindong also pulled out the sexist card when he said, “If someone had to lose weight, I would tell that person to lose weight. Lose some weight, why can’t you take care of yourself. When I say this, the person might think, ‘Look who’s talking,’ but I would reply, ‘I’m a boy and you’re a girl. ‘” What. The. I just don’t know. Can I just say that and let you guys ponder on this? No, because I know you Elfs will just take his side. Allow me to try to understand, so basically, again, that man can be fat but women cannot? I think these are the reasons why men have some type of control over women because Shindong was big (I really hate saying fat) and this hurt a lot of females. I would have been calling the radio show where he made this comment and cuss him out. What right does he have to say that about a woman who is trying to lose weight.

Next, Leeteuk. I really don’t think he meant what he said. Really, I hope that he was joking because to say to another K-pop girl idol that she needs to lose weight before debuting is not okay. To me, girl idol groups are already thin and to say that is highly troublesome. Does Suzy need to be a size nonexistence to meet the standard? Really? I think he was joking…with her though. I’m not letting him off the hook because he might feel the same way as the other members, but smart enough to keep his mouth shut.

Time to write a disclaimer. Okay, I really like Super Junior and I recently went in deeper to see what they were about, so when I came across this topic my heart sank. I was like the other Elfs doubting what they said and making up excuses, but when I saw the high school in Korea documentary my mind changed. If girls as young as twelve are getting plastic surgery done it’s a problem. I hate when blind fans are like it’s their culture blah blah blah blah blah. You’re making up shit that shouldn’t even come out your mouth. So, apparently you would send your twelve year old to get her eyes done? Really? I mean yes, it’s a part of their culture because it became so common that we don’t see a problem with it, but that right there is the problem. Stay tune for the third part on Body Image Issue where I will give my opinion, if I haven’t already given a few, and variety shows. Yup, they are also to blame to.

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Yesung( not allKpop)—->

P.S. I still really like Super Junior and their fanbase, but sometimes we don’t meet eye to eye.

5 thoughts on “Shame on you Super Junior! Body Image Issue Part 2.

  1. I actually agree with your analysis and I am an ELF. They shouldn’t have said it. It is very troublesome.

  2. i'msad says:

    I’m an E.L.F. but i feel hurt by what they said 😥

  3. Thais Nobre says:

    I agree with you. I’m an ELF, but if that’s really what they think, then this is a big problem. They need a shower of cold water.

  4. Because of what they said I was very hurt. It just not them. It ppl like them who think the same way. I was 15 when I was sexually abuse. The first year it was only touch till my 16 bday. My gift was being rape. For 4 years I was abused. I gain weight thinking if I was fat he would stop. I would be so ugly he would stop. I couldn’t bare to tell my mom what happen. I was so depress I had to take med which only made me gain weight. Now I off my med after Years of therapy. I still struggle with my weight. My ex said I was fat I lost so much weight but then I was to skinny and had to gain weight. Seem no matter where I go it all the same. I’m to fat to be pretty and to fat to be loved. At one time I wanted to meet them but now I to scared to. I look up to these guys. Suju I wish I could meet you to tell you my story then ask you. Do you still fat girls are lazy? Don’t judge no one till you know the story. I guess it go back to starve myself just so I can fit in. Thanks suju for teaching me I’m to fat to be loved or be beautiful

    • It’s not my place to tell you that you’re beautiful, and you are beautiful, but they’re not everything. Their opinions shouldn’t make you believe that you’re ugly because you’re big. Again, it’s not my place to tell you this, but you have to have confidence in yourself. Okay? Keep your head up!

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