Artist of the month B.A.P!

I don’t know, but I  must like beastly idols because B.A.P are freaking beasts. B.A.P isn’t your typical K-pop group! You don’t see them doing any sassy music and even if they do a love song it still have some type of rawness to it. I can’t tell you enough how bad I wanted a group like this! They are a true hip hop Korean group. They do everything from b-boying, crumping, step, and fast rapping, so I guess your typical black hip hop group in America. Yes, 2PM did b-boying at the beginning of their career, but stop once Jay Park left the group, and ultimately dropped their beastly title. To me, they did. I still really like them, but if you compare B.A.P to 2PM you can see a huge difference. But please, please, DON’T compare idol groups! I’m somewhat crossing the line now, but I’m just proving a point for a great cause! B.A.P members are Bang Yongguk (Leader/Rapper), Daehyun (Main vocals/Visual), Youngjae (Main Vocals), Himchan (Sub-Vocals), Jongup (Dancer), and Zelo (Makane/Rapper).  They are really interesting people, again so different than what you usually see in the K-pop world. They are so different that they made a storyline on why they want to conquer the idol world. My creative writing side is just dumbfounded on how creative they are. That’s another post because talking about the Mato Planet is entirely too long for this post. Stay tune for more on B.A.P!


2 thoughts on “Artist of the month B.A.P!

  1. junkieace says:

    2PM still does acrobatics and 2PM is still considered the beastly idols of Korea. I’ll acknowledge BAP a few years from now when they’ve earned it, but for now I still don’t have feeling for the rookies that all went blonde to get attention.

    • I think you got offended when I compared them to 2pm. Did I say that 2pm is worst because they don’t have the beastly charm? No, they DROPPED that image, but settle for a matured image. Which fits them perfectly. Now, that was a low blow to say that they (B.A.P) dyed their hair all blonde to get attention. It’s like saying 2pm take off their shirts to get attention. Get that out of here. Don’t disrespect B.A.P because you THOUGHT I disrespect 2pm.

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