Day 7 and 8 of 30 day K-pop challenge!

If you follow me you must know I skipped day 6 and I have a reason (as always!) Day 6 challenge was my favorite K-pop song from my favorite female group. So, I like 2ne1 because they’re different from the usual girl groups, but I like one of their song because of 2PM. That doesn’t seem fair, so I skipped the challenge. Sorry, but it’s a different day and a new challenge, two new challenges!

Day 7 challenge: A K-pop song that makes you cry. I don’t have a K-pop song that makes me cry. I tend to stay away from sad songs because why listen to sad songs when you are sad yourself? So, next!

Day 8: A K-pop song that you know all the words to. Does only English words count? I think I know all the words to SHINee’s Up and Down song! I really do even though I mumble through the Korean parts, but I don’t want to put shame to a great song! Look at the fan made video below and it’s extremely good!






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