Day 11 and 12 of 30 day K-pop Challenge!

Fall Break is about to start so I’ll probably have a lot time to post things. Please continue to support Daebak Koreans! Okay onward to day 11 and 12! *Tap that read more button!*

Day 11: My favorite music video. Um, no wonder this is called a challenge because I have A LOT of music videos I like and are deemed my favorite. So, like day 3 I’m going to post three!

Number 1: G-Dragon’s One of A Kind! Now, again I didn’t know G-Dragon could dance, so that’s a reason and he had mix babies in the music video! Gotta love him!

Number 2: B.A.P’s warrior! If you like a raw music video this is for you and all of B.A.P’s music videos. I pick this music video because they were different compare to all the other groups and they were sticking to their concept. Which is of course is Hip Hop, but can you hear how deep the leader’s voice is?

Number 3: DBSK’s Mirotic! I truly love old time R&B and this music video gave that to me, and look that their dance moves! “Making love faces”– Trey Songz. Yeah, that’s what their fans wanted to do with them.


Day 12: The very first K-pop song I’ve ever heard. Last month’s artist of the month, 2PM’s Again and Again! I cannot stress how blown my mind was after watching the music video the third time. The first two times it was kind of weird, but after that 2PM were it! *Do the Again and Again dance* Check it out!

Until next time!


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