Day 13 of 30 day K-pop Challenge!

Before you click that read more button mentally prepare yourself. Especially those who like girl groups. Seriously, don’t press this button if you have the nature to bash people who don’t go your way! I’ll do it right back. 

I see that you guys press that button. Okay, day 13 challenge: A K-pop group I dislike and why?

I think Girls Generation would be the group I dislike because they seem a little too cocky for me. They think they are so beautiful that they are above every other girl group. I don’t know why, but when I look at variety shows with them on it I just really want to skip the episode. Literally, I would have if they didn’t have my favorite group on there. Plus, they always ask male idols who’s their ideal girl and some would chose somebody from Sistar or SECRET and the MC would ask why not a member from Girls Generation. Really? Does it always have to be somebody from Girls Generation? This is my opinion and again I’ve warned you NOT to click the read more button, but you didn’t listen!

Until tomorrow!



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