Day 14, 15, AND 16 of 30 day K-pop challenge!

Yes, you didn’t read that wrong I’m doing THREE challenges today! This will probably be a lengthy post, so stay with me okay! Now, A town stomp that more read button!

Day 14: A K-pop song that makes me smile. Hm, I think Take Off by 2PM makes me smile. I believe the positive message and the bright theme makes me smile. Nichkhun, yes he made me smile once he rapped and did his chest pump! So, Take Off it is!

Take Off

Day 15: A K-pop song that reminds you of someone you miss. None. I have no k-pop song that will make me miss someone. For one, I don’t know what they are saying to tie it to someone, and I want to keep songs that I like in K-pop to remain the same. I don’t want any relationship with anyone to change my opinion of the song.

Day 16: Your favorite K-pop lyric (with translation) In your eyes by Onew from SHINee is the song! Lyrics provided in the video!

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