K-pop idols excluded in the Midwest?

Yes, that mean you Texas! I wrote a post on my other blog about the topic that I’m about to introduce. Where was the KCON held at this year? Take a guess there’s only two locations, LA or NYC. Yup, the KCON was held in LA, no shocker there right? Every event that involves K-pop idols, beside the Wonder Girls who had toured with the JoBros, is held on the coasts. It’s either the east or the west, but never in the Midwest. Why? I don’t know, but the only reason that I could came up with is that they are scared that there aren’t many fans inside the country. Understandable because these events cost a lot, extremely a lot taking how they have to fly out the stars, material to sell to fans, holding the venue, and the concert preparation. Yes, I get that, but they should also think about the fans in the Midwest. “If you really want to go you can find a way,” many people would probably say that to any of us who wants to go to the event. They are not taking in consideration that a plane ticket round trip to either coast cost over a $400. I repeat $400 and that’s not even getting a hotel room or even getting tickets to get into the event. That’s too much for anybody, especially a college student! So, what can they do? Uh, hold an event in the Midwest say Saint Louis, Missouri since it’s a bigger and it has Webster University there. A globally diverse university, people! I really wish somebody who has influence in Seoul, South Korea could read this, but never know. Hey, why don’t they bring Psy! I bet people would come then, right? I guess this gotten under my skin now because I really want to be a k-pop entertainment journalist and this event would have been great to cover, but it was not great for my wallet. Another reason is because B.A.P was here. In the United States. Breathing the same air. When will be the next time they’ll come back to the States? I don’t know, but I know that I’m not the only one who thinks this way! I wonder will there ever be a K-pop event in the Midwest?


4 thoughts on “K-pop idols excluded in the Midwest?

  1. CaucaNoona says:

    OMG I’m totally with you on this! A lot of times I feel alone in my love for Korean culture, cuisine, language, and entertainment. I feel even MORE secluded when a KPOP idol or group tour WAY too far from me. (Missouri resident) I sooooo tried to figure out any financial way I could make it to the Big Bang Alive tour, and stressing again about the B.A.P live on earth pacific world tour… Happening in LA, Sacramento, D.C., and NYC in that order in may. Tearing up, I found your blog and feel not so alone. From a fellow Midwesterner – Thanks for being there. Totally following you! *^^*
    대박! Hwaiting!!

    • Hey, I’m glad that you’ve found my blog and you’ll never be alone when it comes to this topic. Like ever. But ever since I started this blog I wanted to become more involved with K-pop. That means going to their events whenever it is in America because it’s not like a can fly over to Korea whenever I want to.

      I felt excluded again when Verizon announced the tour dates for B.A.P. I mean, yeah I am going because my mom knows how much I love them and she’s able to pay for it, but what if she wasn’t financially able to get me to DC? That would have made me upset and blowing up Verizon FB page because what do Midwest K-pop lovers have to do to make it clear to promoters that they have fans here? Jeez, but are you going to B.A.P’s concert? Which city if you are and what part of Missouri are you from? I’m currently in St. Louis for college, but I’m originally from Kansas City.

  2. CaucaNoona says:

    BTW, I’ll let you know if I hear anything about kpop coming to the MW, even if it’s more likely you’ll hear it first since you’re an aspiring kpop reporter. ^_~
    행운을 빌어요

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