B.A.P are Aliens?

Bang Yongguk noooooo! I cannot marry an alien! Just fooling with you because B.A.P are not aliens that’s just their background story. Um, maybe that’s not clear enough. It’s their goal, but created as a story. Their real goal is to be successful in the music industry, and their Sci-Fi story is to gain *cough cough steal* the fans’ energy and send it back to their planet. It’s the same, but the usual evil alien plot. Mato is the name of their planet and I guess their real form are bunnies. Yes, Bugs Bunny in the flesh, but I always thought Bugs Bunny was sexy and B.A.P confirmed it. Okay, that just sounds weird and I’m not, but I’ve always liked Bugs Bunny in Loony Tunes. Wow, I had a bias when I was just 5 years old, so pitiful. B.A.P each has their own character so their bunnies that represents each member has different colors. Yongguk is red. Himchan is pink, I mean he’s a diva of course. Youngjae is yellow. Daehyun is white, but he’s so evil…in a good way. Jongup is green. Zelo is baby blue. Baby blue for the baby so adorable! This is just basic information on their alternate life, but B.A.P’s variety show Ta Dah! It’s B.A.P explains it all. Taken that it’s does YouTube will be your best friends for over 8 hours! Here’s the link below!


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