Day 19 and 20 of 30 day K-pop challenge!

Yeah, I know it’s not the 20th yet, but it’s going to be in 36 minutes. According to WordPress , but I really like day 20 challenge. Carry on!

Day 19: My favorite interview of a K-pop idol or group. Ah, I would have to go with Weekly Idol with B.A.P and B2st. They are on the same program together, but both interviews are hilarious to me. Especially the Star profiling. Check it out.



Day 20: My favorite picture of your boy K-pop bias. So, many people like my day 3 challenge, and I guess this is like part 2 of that challenge.

First, is the beloved Nichkhun! I like him when he was blond, so here you go!
















Lee Gi Kwang! Any selcas he has is beautiful and without makeup! I don’t know why stars trip when they do not have makeup on because they still do look beautiful without it.














Last but not least, Bang YongGuk! Red head YongGuk!













Don’t steal my husbands okay people! Lol, I’m playing…not really, but until next time!!!





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