B.A.P New teaser!

I’m a day or two late on this, but I’ve seen the teaser minutes after it was released. You know what teaser I’m talking about! B.A.P’s Stop it teaser! My opinion? Well, I’m thinking about purchasing a cd with only three songs on it. Too serious! The teaser was so simple, but it took your mind on a ride in 21 seconds. Their concept, or focus/ theme, is hipster. If you don’t know what hipster mean then Google it…no I’m joking! Seriously don’t leave me! Hipster = trend setters. See, simple along with that amazing teaser. Their concept pictures were released about two or three days before the teaser and that also blew my mind. What do I mean about concept pictures? Well, that’s a post I need to write in the future, but it’s a way for the company to troll us. Troll means, to me, control. To make us want more of the group they are promoting. I think that’s a basic overview on this subject until the post, don’t you think? B.A.P’s new music video, Stop it, will be released October 23rd Korean time. Cannot wait. Check out the concept pictures (in order of the release) and teaser below.

Bang Yongguk and Daehyun


Zelo and Jongup


Himchan and Youngae


Stop it teaser!

Enjoy then rewatch and do it again!


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