Day 21 and 22 of 30 day K-pop Challenge!

I’m back in my dorm with my mind cleared! That’ll change by the end of this week taken how I have a research paper due by Thursday. Wouldn’t it be great if my research paper were on K-pop? Those eight pages would have been a breeze! To the challenges! Now would you please proceed to the continue to read button!

Day 21: My favorite picture of my girl K-pop bias. I don’t have one. Challenge skipped!

Day 22: My favorite picture of my favorite K-pop group. Ah, this is going to be long. I’m going to pick five groups. Yes, five!

Number 1: 2PM my first EVER k-pop group. You know loyalty is a great trait to have and I’m super loyal to them.

Number 2: B.A.P! I mention them a lot lately haven’t I? That doesn’t matter they are climbing the ranks in my heart, so they are second!

Number 3: B2st. The members in B2st are too adorable especially Lee Gi Kwang!

Number 4: SHINee. What else can I say about them? They are just dazzling! See, what I did there, oh I’ll leave a video just to get you up to date.


Number 5: Big Bang. Why You No come in the Midwest? Always staying on the coast. I really like them. So unique this group is.


I notice that I picked groups who are in my phone instead of picking them by the pictures…Oops. You guys will understand right? Until next time!

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