B.A.P 3rd Album released digitally!

Wait all night for this to come out and what should I say? My mind is completely blown out my brain! Seriously, I would do a review, but I can’t. It will basically sound the same for all three songs, but I’ll try for you guys! Click that continue to read button Babies!! Or any K-pop fan because I’m here to convert you…!

First, Yes Sir! B.A.P really trolled us here because the song is only a minute and 14 seconds long. I repeat a minute and 14 seconds long. I was disappointed by that tremendously I wanted it to be long because the beat was good and so were YongGuk and Zelo’s rapping. That’s just my opinion! I wonder if I get a whistle will I be featured in one of their songs? Check out the song below!

Second, Happy Birthday! If you follow me on Twitter, which I highly doubt since I only have 7 followers, then you would know how I feel about this song. Starting off hearing YongGuk talking in English just made my night. Especially when he said it’s “dedicated for you.” Great way to bring in the fans because who doesn’t want to have B.A.P singing to them? This song sound like baby making music. I’m sorry it just does, plus it’s not like it’s a bad thing, but all the members voice were soft compare to what you hear in Warrior, Power, and No Mercy. You’ll be hitting replay a lot with this song. Don’t make babies yet, check out the song!

Finally, Stop it! It’s sound old school. If you like Zapp and Roger then they are the Korean version with this song. The tone is old hip hop, duh concept is Hipster, but Daehyun. Daehyun’s long note at the beginning is too…I just cannot describe it. This song is indescribable. I don’t know how I feel about this song except that it DAEBAK! Truly great! Share the same feeling! Audio below!


Credit for uploading these amazing tracks goes to Oumae22 and nnann91 from YouTube! So, tell me what you think about their third album?

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