B.A.P’s Stop it MV just released!

Ah, I thought this moment wouldn’t have come faster! The fact that many people said that there wasn’t going to be a music video was kind of sad, but I’m just happy that it came out! Journalism instinct was disabled I guess.This music video is WAY different compare to the B.A.P we are use to seeing. The fact that there’s a girl in it is the first thing that is different. I have no problems with it by the way. Well, since Bang YongGuk is chasing after this girl, or love struck, is kind of sad, but we are seeing a different side of B.A.P! I hope fans will understand that they cannot be hardcore ALL the time because this IS a playful music video beside Crash. I laughed throughout the whole music video! They are just so playful especially that random dance scene in the classroom. A site that all fans will most likely goo goo gaga for is that B.A.P are all blond again! A lot of fans liked their debut hair color, which they were of course blond, so to back to there roots was a site to see since not many artist do that. Let me stop, I don’t want to ruin the music video for you because I can go on and on about it. Check it out!


3 thoughts on “B.A.P’s Stop it MV just released!

  1. kpoplover says:

    whats the meaning of this mv??

    • Yeah, I was kind of confused at first too, but basically Yongguk (the one who got hit by the car) is a devil/ghost who just so “happened” to fall in love with the lead girl who is an angel. Daehyun (the one who hit Yongguk) was able to see him because he was the one who killed him. Other than that nobody can see him, except the angel who was pretending not to see him. Does that help? Sometimes I just cannot explain things where people can understand it.

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