Day 23, 24, and 25 of 30 day K-pop Challenge!

Busy week this week. Research paper, three essays, broadcast script, and I have to film my video for the Mnet competition. A lot on the plate and I’m getting full, but I will not neglect you guys! Never! With that said click that continue button right here—>

Day 23: A picture of a K-pop idol who you think is underrated. There’s a lot of K-pop groups who are underrated. When SHINee came out Dalmatian was underrated big time and they’re actually good, but since I’m in my voting mode I’m going to choose B.A.P. I know. I know, I’ve mention B.A.P all the time now, but it’s true. Everybody was worrying about EXO when they debut, but not B.A.P. I believe B.A.P worked extremely hard this year taken how they released three mini albums, a repackage album, and did two variety shows this year. No type of break this year and they are behind in the ‘Best Rookie of the Year’ poll. That doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. So, again I chose B.A.P. Now, go vote for them at!

Day 24: A picture of a K-pop idol who you think is overrated. I would choose Girls Generation since they are really overrated, but again I’m in my voting mode and I believe EXO are overrated. I don’t care what you say about me, but I don’t think they’re THAT great. Don’t get me wrong I like how they are two groups, one for Korea and the other for China, but I don’t think they live up to the hype that their fans are projecting. Another thing, their fan base is kind of nasty. You always see them on B.A.P’s video page bashing B.A.P. There was one comment that got under my skin. This one girl said, “B.A.P debut before EXO and they are not even getting the rookie of the year award.  EXO is.” Seriously? This is the reason why I want to vote for B.A.P. Before you guys say, “not all of the exotic are like that blah blah blah,” I just want to let you know that that doesn’t matter. You know, how one person mess it up for everybody, well that what happen. EXO, your deemed as overrated!

Day 25: My favorite k-pop music video. Tough. Decision. I guess I’ll go by companies (JYP, YG, SM, and TS).

For JYP, I would go with 2PM’s Japanese videos. I’m your man, Take off, and Ultra Lover. Though, I’m not going to post all three video except for Take off, but I really like 2PM’s Japanese music videos.

Take Off

For YG, Big Bang’s Monster. Big Bang totally thought out the box with this one. Did you know how many times I looked at that video when it came out? Everyday for about two weeks. Yes, it’s that good.

For SM, I’m going to pick SHINee’s Lucifer and EXO-K’s MAMA. Yeah, I know I just sort of dissed EXO, but that MV was dope and different. I like Lucifer because it broke SHINee out that innocent boy act into them being bad boys and the transition was perfect.

For TS, I’m going with B.A.P’s No Mercy. I truly love this music video because one it’s my first time ever seeing B.A.P and two Bang YongGuk look too adorable with his french braids.

Until next people!



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