Beware of the sasaeng fans! Especially DBSK/JYJ/TVQX!

Happy Halloween people! Are you guys going trick or treating tonight? Before you go and get some candy read this beautiful post I’m about to write.  Did I just say beautiful? I mean disturbing post. As the title state beware of sasaeng fans because those females are crazy! What exactly are sasaeng fans? Just think of Justin Bieber’s fans, but a million times worst. Again, A MILLION TIMES WORST THAN JUSTIN BIEBER’S FANS! That’s really scary and the age of these fans is also scary. I’m going to tell you by grade level since that itself is shocking. Sasaeng fans are between the grade level of 6th grade to 9th grade (American school system). I’m sorry that I repeat myself a lot during this post, but that’s crazy. Where are the parents? How can these young girls skip school without getting in trouble? It’s just that there are a lot of questions that needs to be answered.

You will usually see sasaeng fans in taxi following their idols. Get this, the cost of rent out a taxi for a whole day of stalking is 800,000 won. Translation: 800 US dollars. Wow, unbelievable. What’s worst about this scenario is that these young girls are selling their bodies to get the money to stalk their idols. Now, I would question the parents, but it seems as if the hours of their school day is 16 hours. What I am thinking is that the parents think that their child is in school instead of selling their bodies or stalking idols. That’s my opinion, but I would think that Korean parents are strict about their child’s education. Still there are a lot of unanswered questions. What about their grades? How come the teachers aren’t saying anything? You know, the basic questions when a student doesn’t show up for school. Again, I think their school’s hours are covering up their idiotic activities.

Okay, I will not just single out middle school girls because there may be some high school girls/ young adults who are sasaeng fans, but I don’t like how my generation is being stupid. I may not be Korean, but they are still females. It’s just that these sasaeng fans are acting like children who will do anything to get their way. No matter who’s in the way. Even the idols themselves. I don’t really know the sasaeng’s game plan because they are harming the idols instead of praising them like they want to. Seriously, taxis following them at high speed on the streets putting others in harm ways, throwing things at their idols, calling them at all hours of the night, and a whole lot of crazy stuff. They think their idols will remember them by doing these things. This is just out of control, but guess who get blame for all this nonsense? It’s not the sasaeng fans, not their parents, no it’s the idols that are getting blamed. The officials believe that since they (the idols) are the ones the sasaeng fans are after then it’s their fault. Talk about a crappy justice system.

Onward, to international fans. Yes, we are also targets to their little stupid acts. They know that international fans get a lot of attention and goodies from their idols. You know, front row seats, meet and greets, etc., so the sasaeng fans will stick close you and try to become friends with you.  Their best method: to teach you some Korean words so that you can communicate with your idol. This is so terrible that’s why I’m learning Korean on my own, so I don’t have to deal with stuff like that. I’m not saying that all Koreans girls are like that there may be some who are genuinely intrigued by international fans. Allow me to get that out the way, but all I’m saying is to beware.

I won’t fully go into detail about them because I believe this video below will explain it all. I’m just giving you an overview on what a sasaeng fan is. Until next time!


4 thoughts on “Beware of the sasaeng fans! Especially DBSK/JYJ/TVQX!

  1. Me says:

    Wow, some girls just take it a liiiittle too far. (Borderline psycho.)

  2. how scary, its sad to see what the idols we love have to go through and when i read articles about sasaeng fans i wonder if they ever regret becoming famous. And what those girls need is an ass wooping and a good one,lol

    • I would be scared, but only for a moment because then with the invasion of my privacy I would be totally mad. I also wonder too if they regret it, but somehow I don’t think so because they are pursuing their dream. Tough to be a Korean Idol.

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