B.A.P Won Mnet PD Award!

What is Mnet PD Award? What were their reaction? More importantly what was my reaction? Check out my moment right here! Continue reading

Rookie of the Year Award STOLEN!

Who won the Rookie of the Year award? B.A.P or EXO? Neither won it. so who did? Was with because of the fanwar? My reaction on the whole thing right here! Continue reading

SIX HOURS Award Show?!?

WtVAvYes, I’m just as surprise. When the live broadcast started and they said that I couldn’t believe my ears. How can a award ceremony be that long? I mean they included the Red Carpet thing, but that’s TWO hours. I don’t know what’s going on with them, but I hope they declare the Rookie of the Year award in the first hour because like I said I have a meeting at 11am. Jeez…pray that I see B.A.P up on that stage!

Gif Challenge Kanaissa’s Edition!

Kanaissa’s edition? How about Tumblr’s edition because that’s where I found this amazing challenge called GIF challenge. I don’t know what exactly GIF means, but it’s moving picture. Really, a video that been cut way down to a specific emotion to convey your emotion. Um…that’s what I’m getting from a GIF, so let get right to it! P.S. Some Gifs may not move, if that’s the case click on them. I don’t know why WordPress have to be difficult, but it is what it is.

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Happy Birthday to the November 28th babies!

No, this isn’t a belated post. “So why are you now grouping them together?” —said whoever cares. Well, as you know this is a school blog and I’m getting grade for this, easy A yo!, so there rules I have to follow. Like…I won’t get into the details. Check out the birthdays today! You are in for a surprise today! Continue reading

B.A.P fanfic?

Hey you guys! Just came out of my Women’s Studies class and I couldn’t stop thinking about my blog. I’m too loyal to you all (followers and visitors), but I’m thinking about writing a short story. Or a term you all know, fanfic, with B.A.P. No, it’s not going to be BangHim or DaeJae story. It’s going to be the normal boy and girl story. I just cannot write “normal” fanfic story with two guys. It won’t be


Bang YongGuk

another female star, but instead a character I make up. Her lover will be, of course, Bang YongGuk. I’ll add the story whenever I have time
but how does that sound? Should I move forward with this idea?