Happy Belated Birthday to Kim Sunwoong!

Jeez, I totally skipped over his birthday. Sunwoong turned 22 years old yesterday and he’s a member of TOUCH. I don’t want to label any male K-pop idols gay, but this picture…I don’t know I really want to say IT, but I’ll just label him as suspect. C’mon now I shouldn’t be the only one!


One thought on “Happy Belated Birthday to Kim Sunwoong!

  1. venus says:

    okay..i dont know where about to start..yes if sun woong is not a gay then i ll be suprise..i wonder how many flower boy in kpop who is not end up by being a gay?ofcourse i dont know but with the all feminine concept that they have presented to us,it is so uneasy not to suspect one. i would like to wait till there will be any proof whether sun woong is one of them or not.for his parents sake i hope he is straight just ignore his feminine looks..

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