Happy Birthday to Ren!

You guys are in for a surprise today. For those who knows Nu’Est, please refrain from spoiling the surprise! Okay, so today is Ren’s birthday (I mean Duh, it’s in the title) and she…did I just say she? I mean he turns 18 years old today and he’s a member of the rookie group Nu’Est. Ren gets a lot of criticism on his looks and I don’t want to say that we have the right to, but I don’t know. This is hard to explain without revealing the surprise so I’m just going to show you!

Ren is a boy. He is in an all boys group, but he looks like a girl. I don’t know that much about Nu’Est, but I don’t think the fans have any problems with the fact that he looks like a girl. I don’t have a problem either, but…I’m just going to leave it at that because I don’t need any Nu’est fans grilling me. Until tomorrow!


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