Happy birthday to T.O.P!

Dang it, it’s finally here! T.O.P’s birthday! This tall eyes look trough your soul man turns 26 years old today. *Grabs a tissues* WHY? Why must you age, sir? See, I have to call you sir. Regain composure Kanaissa! *Deep breaths in and out* Okay, T.O.P is a member from the globally known Big Bang…the rapper to be exact. Ugh, I could go on and on with this post, but I’m going to refrain myself on doing so until the next five minute. WordPress and their dates can’t really mess you up! Look at this man with sky blue hair and tell me he doesn’t look good with this color.


Thought I could beat WordPress, but they beat me. Here’s a video of T.O.P!

Until next time!


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