Happy Belated Birthday to BoA, Geonil, and Jaeyoon!

Missed a day of birthday posts and end up with three birthdays. I think the election is taking a toll out of me or maybe the work, but let’s give a shout out to out birthday folks of November 5th!

First on the list the almighty BoA. BoA turned 27 years old yesterday and she’s a solo artist. She was the first female solo singer I heard about in the K-pop world. Sadly, I haven’t heard any of her music taken how I really don’t listen female artists in the K-pop world, but the song that she was dancing with Taemin from SHINee was pretty good.

Geonil turned 26 years old yesterday and he’s a member of Super Nova. Tell me why I thought this was an all girls group? Jeez, I thought with a group name called Super Nova it would be girls. Why, because I thought male groups would stay away from Super. You know, because of Super Junior. I mean they don’t own the word Super, but to have a connection like that would be burdensome.

Jaeyoon turned 20 years old yesterday and he’s a member of Twi-light. I wonder what the dash in twilight mean? Do they not want to copy the mega hit book series Twilight or does it have meaning? YouTube would know, but you see what I did there right? I said book series instead of movie series…lame right, but the books were better than the movies.



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