Happy Birthday to Lee Hyun!

This gotta be a boy! This is a 50/50 chance, but I believe that this will be a boy. Maybe I should make a segment, “Guess the gender by the name,” I think that will be a good idea. Any who, Lee Hyun turns 30 years old today and he’s a member of 8eight. Yes, I’m right, but let’s look at the name. 8eight? So, they put the number and wrote it out? Um, they could have just had 8ight, I mean it’s basically the same thing and if you look at it the number 8 could just be the E. Hey, I don’t know, but it’s just kind of weird for it to be 8eight. But get this Lee Hyun enlisted for his mandatory military service on October the 8th this year. Wow, dedicated to his group name, now two years from now I wonder if he’ll get out the 8th. My mind will be blown if that’ll happen.


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