Fans reaction to IU and Eunhyuk’s scandal!

How do you feel about IU and Eunhyuk’s scandal? Do you really think she was pretending to be sick? Did Eunhyuk taint Korea’s little sister? Find out what fans are saying…click the continue to read button!

I love to do  fans reaction on scandals that revolves around big K-pop idols and what’s bigger than a member of Super Junior caught up in one? I wonder how Leeteuk feels about this? It haven’t really been a week since he went into the army when this scandal was released. Let me not get caught up in that. This is about the fans! You guys already know how I feel about the situation. I believe that they are going out because who in their right mind would be up under somebody if they’re sick. I mean really stay at home sick? And why was he shirtless? “S E X take a deep breath and think before you let it go.”—Lyfe Jennings. I didn’t think that first until I read some of the comments from IU and Eunhyuk forum on Allkpop, and now that I think about it are they really on a sofa as Loen Entertainment claims? Or are they on a bed as the fans claim? Now, I don’t know what exactly happened, but something just do not click. Fans know it too because majority of us call BS when Loen released that statement. I don’t need to bring it up again because it was stupid and I can’t believe they thought that this would fly among the fans. I don’t really care if IU and Eunhyuk are together, but again we are forgetting that Eunhyuk belongs with Super Junior. To my surprise, the Elfs are pretty quiet compare to IU’s fans. I haven’t really see any bashing comments yet from them. The only thing I’m seeing is that they’re shocked if they are together, but IU’s fans are different. Well, I believe that they are IU’s fans because a lot of negative comments are directed to Eunhyuk. I would think that the nation’s little sister’s fan base would be decent, but that proved otherwise. Here’s some of the fans reaction. Look especially at the first tweet. Thekpopfanboy is going a bit far.


There are a lot of negative comments out there, but there’s even more hilarious memes on the scandal. Here’s a few!




If you guys want more than I suggest that you head over to Tumblr because they are having a time of their lives making memes on this scandal! I would say that you will spend about an hour looking through everything, trust me it happened yesterday. Before I sign off, I would like to clear something. There are some fans who are saying that Eunhyuk is not right for IU because of his looks. Yes, he may not be the best looking, but excuse me? Does this say butt ugly?

Or this? I loved him when he was blond!

Especially this? Sorry this was last, but can I show some appropriate pictures first before this GIF? School blog!

Again, sorry but these anti-fans need to recognize that Eunhyuk is right for anyone! Whoever doubts him afters these pictures is a suspect! Boah, IU is one lucky girl.

Until next time!


One thought on “Fans reaction to IU and Eunhyuk’s scandal!

  1. Yoon U-Re says:

    Pfft~~ Carzy Fans should shut up!!
    It’s their life okay…no need to be busy body… Who are you?? Their Mom?? Think Professionally,.If u were dating and other people keep on bashing and hating you…They have their on personal life that FANATIC or CRAZY and maybe SASENG FANS should never interupted!! Just admit it you jealous…HAHAHA…AND FOR YOUR INFORMATION, FANS DID NOT CONTROL IDOL’S LIFE!!! THEY CAN DO WHAT THEY WANT SUCH AS *QUITING FROM BEING AN IDOL* AND I KNOW THAT AS A FANS YOU WOULDN’T WANT IT TO HAPPEN

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