[UPDATE] IU and Eunhyuk’s scandal SM Entertainment’s Statement!

SM Entertainment finally speaks on the matter! Or did they? Find out!

I should have posted this as soon as I woke up, but had to type up two papers. College before Daebak Koreans! I’m sorry that it’s that way, but I’m here! Let’s get to it. SM Entertainment is keeping their mouth shut. Literally, they are saying no comment. Here’s how I picture them saying it with the help of Daehyun.

Is this the right decision on SM’s part? I believe it is because SM is a big company with big names and I don’t think they want their credibility to go down by releasing a stupid statement as Loen did. If you look at Full House Take 2 or any dramas that revolves around K-pop idols then maybe SM Entertainment is trying to figure some things out before talking. Now, I’m basing this off a drama and I may be wrong, but why else are they keeping their mouth shut? Somehow it’s better to keep your mouth shut and let other people talk then give a stupid statement. Again, what do I know? I’m not a business major. This is what I can tell you though, I bet SM Entertainment were just as shocked as we were when the picture was released.

Check out the article below!



4 thoughts on “[UPDATE] IU and Eunhyuk’s scandal SM Entertainment’s Statement!

  1. I think it’s for the best they stay quiet since Loen entertainment already made a statement, even though it’s a dumb one but what else can they say? it would contradict what the other company said and then it would create tension between them if they say otherwise. The best option would be to stay quiet and hope for the best or wait for a bigger scandal to come up so people would move on.

  2. mumuzaza says:

    but i’m keep support iu and eunhyuk!!

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