Happy Belated Birthday to..

Check out the belated birthday for November 15th!

DJ Clazzi turned 39 years old yesterday and he’s a member of Clazziquai. I love this person! Why? He had a song on the I do I do, a K-darma, that I adore. Question: Clazzi? Is he trying to be unique by spelling classy in a different way? And I wonder if the other member name is DJ Quai? He’s a decent looking person. I don’t know why I thought he wasn’t going to be, but have you seen Deadmau5 without his mask? Yeah, once you do you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

Xia turned 19 years old yesterday and she’s a member of Rania. It was so hard to find a decent picture of her. I don’t know what concept Rania had where they had to expose themselves, but there was A LOT of those pictures. Thank God I found one.


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