K-pop’s Goody two shoe fans on scandals.

The “Peacekeepers” of K-pop. Are they helping? Are they stopping fans from saying what’s on their minds? Check out my views on goody two shoe fans.

I don’t like them. Done. *Walks away stops. Walks back* I really don’t like them. I don’t know why, but it’s like every time I read a comment from a peacekeeper fan, I want to puke. Why do I want to puke? Because they are being fake. To me, they are being fake. For example, the IU and Eunhyuk scandal, there were a lot of them. Majority of them saying, “Both IU and Eunhyuk are adults. They can do whatever they want to at her house.” I hope you read that in a bratty voice because that how I hear the comments in my head. Okay, yes they are both adults, but why cover it up? Did any fan say that they were children? You didn’t react when AllKpop released the story? You (peacekeeper fans) didn’t judge the content while you were reading it? It’s just as K-pop fans, or people in general, judge the content they are reading.

I just don’t like it when it when I see them. Yes, keep the peace, but what’s your opinion about the story? Don’t tell me that you don’t care because if they did not care they wouldn’t be posting comments. Wasting their precious time trying to tame out of control fans. My question is: will your comment even stop the out of control fans from posting their emotions? You tell me because it surely didn’t stop me from blogging about the whole scandal. Maybe I’m being too harsh on this type of fans, but try to think outside your squeaky clean world. You trying to make out of control fans feel guilty isn’t going to make them stop. As you can see here, peacekeeper comments made me angry and I’m not even an out of control fan.

Peacekeeper fans need to realize that they cannot calm a situation by posting, “Fans need to calm down. They’re adults,” comments because as you can see it hasn’t stop. All the scandals that happened this year and peacekeeper fans are still telling other people to calm down. I think, it’s time for you to calm down and just look at the crazy fans go because clearly you are wasting your time. Hey, the same go with this post. Peacekeeper fans, if you read this, don’t have to listen to me and I don’t care, but be honest with yourself. Now, if I see you guys in the next scandal, I’m just gonna put you guys on blast and I want to see how it feels for somebody to gang up on you.



Until next time!


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