B.A.P Released Weird Random Video!

Aren’t B.A.P on break? What does this video mean? Is it a comeback or a way to remind fans about the MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards) ? Here’s what everybody knows!

This mysterious video popped up around 1 in the morning (US central time) and there was no information on what it means. I literally waited until I woke up this morning to see if there was any new development on this video, but apparently there is none. This was how badly I wanted to post this story. I wrote down my reaction minutes after I caught wind of this video. Check it out!

I don’t know what’s going on right now, but I don’t like it! I mean I like it, but I don’t like the fact that TS Entertainment is not saying anything. A random video pops up and fans are thinking that they are going to have a comeback. Heck, I’m even thinking that they are going to have a comeback, but they don’t need one right now. Ever since they debut in January they haven’t stop working until last week. That’s 11 months of promoting, learning new dances, showing up on a lot of shows, and don’t forget the concerts. They need to rest! A big rest! Recently, they also changed their cafe page and people were speculating then, but I didn’t particularly care for it since its in Korean. Google translate isn’t always right. So, what exactly is going on with B.A.P?

Yup, I’m surprised that my brain was working in the wee hours in the morning. I blame B.A.P. Seriously, there’s always something going on with them and I want more of it. Even the Babies want more, but we are conflicted. We want more, but they REALLY need to rest. But, like I said above, we don’t know what the heck is going on. This is how mysterious this video is, the people at AllKpop doesn’t know what’s going on. Heck, somebody told them about the video before they even did an article on it. Jeez, I don’t know if I want to post this article, but it is the most popular article right now, so here you go.


Here’s the video! I love the mash up of their songs, but question: If they aren’t hinting a comeback and it’s for MAMA, why isn’t Crash in the mash up? That’s the song that nominated them, so why isn’t in the mash up?

Until next time!


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