[UPDATE] K-pop fans set aside rivalry to connect!!

Hey hey y’all! How’s your Thanksgiving? Or for folks who doesn’t celebrate it, how’s your day? The unexpected has happened and I’m here to tell you…if you click that button right there!

*Update at the bottom*

So, you know to make a blog pop, or for Google to notice it, you have to be popular. Meaning a lot of page views, followers, and comments, but there’s one more thing to get your page noticed. Well, that’s what my journalism teacher is telling and that’s partnership. It makes total sense when you look at ads on sites like AllKpop and etc., so I decided to make a partnership! I check throughout WordPress site and came across a blog that I enjoy reading and it’s something fresh, like me, but she (I hope she’s a she) has a blog that’s a little different than my blog. I don’t know her (I really hope I have the gender right) name, but a nameless blog is the blog I chose to this partnership with. One, she agreed to it. Two, her posts are interesting. Three, she’s a newbie like me and that’s what I was aiming for, a fresh new blogger who make interesting posts to grab K-poppers’ attention. Yes, I should have went to big time bloggers for a partnership, but wouldn’t it be best to make new blogs popular? Why should I advertise big time bloggers when they have viewers that goes their site regularly? That to me doesn’t make any sense. So, to jump start my blog and nameless blog to make it the best it can be, I decided to make this partnership…even though she’s a EXO fan. Yes, that’s what shocking to me. At first I didn’t know until I scroll down her page. People should know that I am a B.A.P fan and we are against EXO-K for the “Rookie of the Year award,” but I’m setting that to the side to achieve this partnership.

So, everybody check out her blog! Her blog, compare to mine, is a little less controversial. She blogs about new stuff that comes out in K-pop, like teasers or music videos, and gives her opinion on it, profile certain K-pop idols, gives reviews, and post hilarious memes and gifs. Last question: So what are you waiting on? Check her out!

Bang Yongguk told you so! *Click on gif to make it work*

Until next time!


An update! So, as stated above I tried this partnership thing, but wasn’t really a partnership. I mean, I’ve only mentioned her once, but because of this post many people have gone to her blog. So what’s the problem it was what you wanted. Yes, it was, but it goes both ways. Not once have I seen a post of hers that mentions my blog. NOT ONCE. So, I have a problem with that. I do not want to create traffic for her blog, but she doesn’t create it for mine. I feel totally betrayed. I just wanted to let you know on these things because if you read above it says nameless blog. Yeah, pretty fed up.

Until next time!


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