Artist of the Month is…

Who’s the artist of the month this month? Who can I write about in such extent with only six days? Check it out!

Sorry, to mislead you with that abstract, but I had to make you click this post. *Bows* Sorry y’all, but there isn’t a artist of the month this month. I could have picked one to do with 6 days, but that wouldn’t be fair wouldn’t it? I want to give a whole month to an artist as I did B.A.P. I wanted to do Super Junior this month, but that will probably take two months to get through all of that, so I thought I should do Beast, but I’ll probably do them in December. So, again I would like to apologize to all who probably click on that November tab underneath the “Artist of the Month” category.   Yes, you can judge me, it’s all good. Ugh, WordPress is making my apology difficult. Please click on the gif to make work.



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