Happy Belated Birthday to these lovely men!

That’s right, a post with only men! Sorry girls, but you’ll have your turn tomorrow. Literally, since there’s no birthdays today, but check out yesterday birthdays!

Happy Belated Birthday to Kevin Woo! He turned 22 years old yesterday and he’s a member of U-Kiss! Fun fact: Kevin was born in the United States. Guess what state. There’s only two you would possibly find K-pop at. That’s right California! If you said New York, it’s all good, but Kevin was born in Danville, California. Doesn’t his story reminds you of Nichkhun?

Happy belated birthday to Jude! Jude Law? No, Jude from BIGSTAR, Jude. Jude turned 19 years old yesterday, and as stated before he’s a member of BIGSTAR. Tell me why Jude Law American self popped up in the images after I typed in, “Jude from BIGSTAR?” I don’t know either.


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