MAMA starts Fan war!

Which category started the fan war? Is cheating involve? What will MAMA officials do if caught cheating? Check out my thoughts on this whole thing! P.S. It’s going down in this post.

So as you know the Mnet Asian Movie Award is holding a poll that fans can pick who deserve what and right now it’s a little hectic. Before I get into what’s going on, I am NOT picking sides just stating what I know…with a comment afterward. Okay, so you know B.A.P and EXO-K are duking it out to win “Best New Male Rookie of the Year Award,” well the fans are ACTUALLY duking it out. This weekend EXO-K’s lead was getting smaller and smaller. They were in the 40% range for the longest, but now (seriously right now) B.A.P is leading!! As you know from all the post I’ve been doing since the start of my blog that I’m a B.A.P fan. They were the first group that made me buy TWO of their albums, so now I’m happy, BUT I too want to know where the votes came from. Like I said not picking sides. No, seriously my mouth dropped every time I look at the current rankings. My jaw dropped to the floor when I JUST checked the rankings.

The weekend ranking.

So here’s the problem, EXO’s fans, exotics, are claiming that the Babyz are cheating. They are claiming that a Baby is spreading around some type of  ‘bot’ that’s allowing fans to vote per minute… Okay, now I’m not a computer geek, but is that possible? Is a fellow Baby a computer geek that created a software that do that and released it the last week of voting?  Does that even sound right? No, seriously I think there’s some grammar errors in there. No, but does that seriously sound right? Why wait until the last week causing other babyz to rip out their hair voting if there’s such a software? A bigger question is: If the exotics found this software how come they didn’t use it? “Exotics would never cheat blah blah blah”— said a cheating exotic. That’s B.S. what do you mean you wouldn’t use it? If you see B.A.P destroying your beloved EXO, you wouldn’t use it? That’s stupid. Really stupid. Here’s the thing, everybody is cheating. If you made five accounts on Mnet then you are cheating because last time I check there’s only one you, so case closed right?

Wrong, the Exotics want to go to Mnet’s officials to report B.A.P of cheating. Why would you do that? Seriously, they would need proof of the creator of the software and proof that the babyz ACTUALLY used that software. That’s money that Mnet probably doesn’t want to spend, think about the global economy! Plus, they can go ahead and tell them, but here’s the thing I would also tell Mnet of the people who made more than one account. That’s cheating also, as I stated above, so do what you want to do Exotics. Seriously, I will Google translate my report to Mnet as soon, let me repeat, AS SOON as I hear that B.A.P is disqualified. That’s a promise.

Onward to the fans, I mean fans start FAN wars. So, I really didn’t notice that there was a fan war going on until I read the comments in Stop it MV. How some Babyz are saying, “not to response back to the haters because we are not cheating,” or something along those lines. I was confused for a moment, but bushed it off because I didn’t see any hateful comments in either B.A.P’s videos. So me being naive I went to MAMA MV, and that’s where the pieces were connecting. The war is in MAMA MV, and boy was it ugly. I read up to six pages where I decided that that was enough because the Babyz weren’t saying anything, but the Exotics were. They were the ones spying on the B.A.P’s videos claiming that we were using the ‘bot’, they were the ones putting rude comments on B.A.P’s videos, and they were the ones who were disrespecting B.A.P. I won’t lie and say that we haven’t because that of course isn’t true, but we (babyz) do not disrespect EXO. Compare to the Exotics, we are harmless. I tell you, I bet there’s some sasaengs in that fanbase, but seriously we don’t. I even checked their (EXO and B.A.P’s) music video everyday since EXO were beginning to lose and all the hate was aiming towards B.A.P. Not once since this weekend have I saw a disrespectful comment coming from a Baby’s mouth towards EXO, but there was a lot on the other side. It was to the point where I had to shut one down. I don’t like speaking to trolls, but this one was out of control. I don’t promote violence people!

So, what’s going to happen? Heck, I don’t know, but hopefully some Exotics will get their mess in control. If you want to know what’s going on check out EXO-k’s and B.A.P’s videos, that will basically tell you everything you need to know. Unofficially, though.

Until next time!


4 thoughts on “MAMA starts Fan war!

  1. Anonymous says:

    I get your point! Really :D! But please remember not all exotics are like that…. I’m a Filipino exotic and I wouldn’t do such a thing….

    • I didn’t mean to generalize the whole fandom, but around this time MAJORITY of them were verbally attacking B.A.P and the fandom. I think now (since B.A.P and EXO didn’t win the award) both fandoms are healing the wounds of this fanwar.

  2. Zach says:

    I am both a Baby and an Exotic and I find your post biased. ㅠ ㅠ
    Both fandoms have sasaeng fans. And besides, there are like thousands of fans in the whole world, how can you be sure that none of them are sasaengs and only the Exotics are saying rude comments? You didn’t see all of the comments right?
    Please don’t generalize. ㅠ ㅠ

    • Actually, I have experienced the fanwar. I know BOTH sides played a factor, but at the time Exotics were the ones throwing out punches. There were some stupid Babyz, but MAJORITY (and they could have been sasaengs) of them were GENERALIZING the Babyz saying that we all were cheating.Instead of looking at this post why don’t you look at my other post about my experience inside the war. I don’t enter these type of things, but their statements towards B.A.P were rude that I had to say something.

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