Daebak Koreans gets involved with EXO/B.A.P fanwar!


Why did I do it? What did they say back to me? How bad has it gotten? Check out my experience here!

Now, I wanted to see how bad these fanwars can get, so I decided to voice my true opinion about the matter. It was a bad idea. Terrible. Why I did it? Well, my journalism skills took over. I wanted to be immerse in the war and I got attacked. Real badly. I guess my first mistake is that I went into Exo’s territory, actually that wasn’t the mistake since they are the ones talking a lot of mess there, so I guess that was okay. But here’s the thing, I mentioned in my last post that if B.A.P get disqualified I would report everybody for making more than one account, the exotics went bananas. Majority, of them said good luck with that, but here’s the thing I knew that the Exotics wouldn’t report B.A.P, even though they said they would, but that wasn’t going to happen. It’s just if you go to B.A.P’s videos there isn’t any rude comments, but if you go to EXO’s videos they are bashing us left and right. I understand that I shouldn’t have said anything, but we are allowing these fans to be disrespectful. I don’t know about you, but would you allow people to disrespect you? Don’t tell me that it’s over the internet, so it shouldn’t matter let’s not forget cyber bullying which cause suicides. Hate that I have to bring that up, but words need to be tamed, whether it’s in person or not, words need to be tamed and if you continue to allow words untamed. It will continue to happen. I guess that’s the ultimate reason why I comment on some comments.

Goody two shoe fan alert! Yup, ran across one of those and boy was she unfair. Yes, she sounded nice where I deleted all my comments, but why was she only attacking the babies? She sees all those comments that Exotics been posting and didn’t say shit to them. Why? Again, I wouldn’t have said nothing if they weren’t so disrespectful because I like EXO. I found them before B.A.P, so it sadden me to see all that. It also saddens me to see that the babies are getting penalized by this goody two shoe fan, but not the  Exotics. That’s my problem with her, she still didn’t comment back at my last reply stating what I said above, and how can she? If she wants to be fair she really can’t reply to that. All I’m saying is that fanwars aren’t fun, and why would it be, but all I’m saying is that now I won’t get involve anymore…with ANY fanwars. Hey, it’s a first for everybody right?

P.S. I’m not bashing ALL Exotics. Keep in mind I like BOTH EXO and B.A.P.


11 thoughts on “Daebak Koreans gets involved with EXO/B.A.P fanwar!

  1. brenda says:

    seriously? :O
    for me it’s quite the opposite acually LOL
    whenever i look at bap’s mv’s comments, i ALWAYS see comments saying how ‘bap is better than exo’ and a bunch other comments bashing exo and the fandom, even before the MAMA awards started.
    but when i look at exo’s mv’s comments, they’re all about exo. i’ve seriously have not seen any exo fans including bap in their comments.

    • Wow, that’s surprising because, as I stated above, I wouldn’t have comment on anything if they weren’t disrespectful…I can admit there are some babies who are like that, but after B.A.P was in first place, the exotics went crazy…that’s when the hateful comments came out. And even before the MAMA thing they weren’t as rude as they are now, but you have to admit there was some B.A.P bashers in Exo’s fandom. We are commenting about Exo and the Exotics because they are accusing us of cheating…and I don’t know for sure if we did, but they accused us as a WHOLE…personally I haven’t heard of this “bot” they are talking about and probably 95% of the babies don’t know it either, but that last 5 probably do…I would take pictures of the comments, but I would probably have to go to page 20 to get to the hateful comments.

      • Eunji Park says:

        Yea exactly. I agree with you not the other gir above u.

      • brenda says:

        well for me i only saw bap fans bashing exo even before mama awards started, not the other way around. that’s why i stopped reading their comments.
        it doesnt really matter though cause every fandom has fans that bash other groups
        i just hope babys and exotics can get along one day :)))

      • Right, somehow I knew this would happen, but hopefully they’ll get along in the future.

    • Eunji Park says:

      Not really. EXO talks shit about babies more than babbies do. And gues what i am a korean and a exoticbaby. Babies never threatened to trash the SM bldg if exo wins. Exotic however threatened to trash the ts bldg and guess what they meant it.

  2. Sheela says:

    i NEVER understood why EXOTICS and BABYs were so “mad” at each other! like is there a rule that if you belong to one fandom you have to bash the other?

    I, for one, love both groups and i even discovered B.A.P only through watching EXO’s idol athletics when himchan randomly did a MAMA move with bacon. also both Bangleader and Duizhang are my biases.

    and as for disrespectful comments, i think we know by now that people can be real stupid on the internet and that just because there’s people on the internet bashing on either group doesnt mean that the whole fandom is to blame. Lets learn to co-exist 🙂

    We are One, YESSIR!

    • You’ve recently discovered B.A.P? Sorry, I’m getting confused, but the whole fanwar thing. Yeah, I agree with you it’s stupid, but I can only comment on the MAMA fanwar because that’s when I was really playing attention to B.A.P. The voting process was pretty calm until B.A.P unexpectedly start leading in the polls. As stated above, exotics we hella mad at babyz because they think we were cheating. That’s where it began. After the awards was over that’s when we start co-existing together and even more so when Himchan did their move at the idol sport thing. Is the hate completely gone, I doubt it, but we’re pretty calm right now.

  3. Anonymous says:

    How I wish these stupid fanwars would stop… I LIK– NO NO NO LOVE EXO AND B.A.P!! They have their own concepts, their own styles, their own charms, and their own charisma on stage!! SO WHY COMPARE???? There are some immature fans who love starting fanwars!!!

    • Yeah, people do it for the enjoyment of the two fanbase to attack each other and it’s sad. But I don’t think that it will stop because they are a lot of young (stupid) fans in BOTH fanbase, so this will continue to happen until the fans grow up.

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