Gif Challenge Kanaissa’s Edition!

Kanaissa’s edition? How about Tumblr’s edition because that’s where I found this amazing challenge called GIF challenge. I don’t know what exactly GIF means, but it’s moving picture. Really, a video that been cut way down to a specific emotion to convey your emotion. Um…that’s what I’m getting from a GIF, so let get right to it! P.S. Some Gifs may not move, if that’s the case click on them. I don’t know why WordPress have to be difficult, but it is what it is.

Every third gif. No cheating. (Why cheat is the question?)

This is you:










Exactly. I  ain’t got time for the ish!

This is your best friend:











Stalkers…they’re such a vagabond

This is what your parents are like:








At times…

What you do when you’re alone:










I love this gif!

How strangers see you:










I guess so…but jeez so rude.

How the same sex sees you:







Okay…that’s fine.

How the opposite sex sees you:








How your crush sees you:








Aw, looking for approval.

Your favorite fandom:








Aw, Bang…Him

Your taste in music:






Uh, what?

If you had a superpower it would be:






















Uh, staring somebody to death?

You in the morning:







Looking adorable…yes

Your thoughts on school:












Zelo: Hate it. Lol, but I agree… to a certain degree

Your parent’s reaction to you going out on your first date:








I guess they don’t care…taking picture and stuff.

What you do on Friday nights:









Yup, smiling stupidly at my computer screen.

What you do on the weekend:







What type of innuendo is this?

What you do in class instead of listening to the teacher:









Your reaction to failing a test/class:










I don’t think so…far from it

Your reaction to passing a test/class:








Uh, can I switch gif because this isn’t right..

Your reaction to graduating:








Beating up somebody? Uh…

Your feelings on the world:












Don’t even care unless I’m in the studio rocking out to YongGuk’s rap, right Himchan?

What you would do if it ended:











Your job:








Judging people is a very hard job.

Who you end up marrying:











Excuse me? Where YongGuk? Why am I so unlucky? So, instead of attacking over the internet, the Exotics going to physically hurt me because HE is my husband…..that’s fine. Don’t be mad if a few is missing…

How your kids act:





Does this mean that they are obedient? Thank you Lord!

How you die:









Had a heart attack because of Bang YongGuk…

Your friends at your funeral:







Well, jeez I’m sorry you feel that way.

How God greets you:










Sorry, Lord I didn’t mean to push that girl into the bookself, but she was trying to take my Lion King book! The big one at that!

It’s not as accurate as the first one, but it’s funny! Sorry, for the long post. If you made it to the bottom thank you, if not understandable. Sometimes I wish WordPress was like Tumblr…jeez.

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