Happy Birthday to the November 28th babies!

No, this isn’t a belated post. “So why are you now grouping them together?” —said whoever cares. Well, as you know this is a school blog and I’m getting grade for this, easy A yo!, so there rules I have to follow. Like…I won’t get into the details. Check out the birthdays today! You are in for a surprise today!Anyway, it’s a special day today! Today is also my birthday! *Sings Happy Birthday song to myself* Yes, I’m turning 19 today, but 20 years old yesterday in Korea! Yeah, SUPER confusing right? But let’s move forward with more important birthdays.

Happy Birthday to Kim Eunjung! She turns 27 years old today and she’s a member of Jewelry! For their name to be jewelry, they have to be models or the face of a big time jewelry company in Korea. If not, what are you doing, S. Korea?

Happy Birthday to Lenny! She turns 17 years old today and she’s a member of C-Real!

A day for girls! I knew there was one coming, but I didn’t expect it to be on my birthday! Let’s have a great day y’all!


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