B.A.P Won Mnet PD Award!

What is Mnet PD Award? What were their reaction? More importantly what was my reaction? Check out my moment right here!20120828_bap_crash-600x400OH MY GOODNESS! Can’t I just say that I wasn’t expecting B.A.P to win a special award! They were surprised too and I must say I love their shocked reaction. Why, Kanaissa? Why Kanaissa? Well, because I replayed that part about ten times! And ten more times. And….ten more times. They were just so…surprised. I just can’t get over that. tumblr_lvuo7qUiI11qmao5f

Anyways this is the meaning of this award : This 2012 MAMA Mnet PD’s choice special award is, among the many rookies that debuted this year , will be given to the rookie who has the BIGGEST presence overseas and shows the MOST potential overseas. Credit to Tumblr (My BFF). *Click on Gif if doesn’t work*

tumblr_m8qwmcVDgl1qk7jgbYes, this is something to appreciate! Even though, we didn’t win the Rookie of the Year award, I believe that this award holds more value than the rookie award. Hey, I’m not saying that they should give up on it, but this award is also great!

Check out their shocked reaction and Bang’s speech!

Ch’yeah! Love Bang!


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