Mnet Asian Music Awards Live!

Need the link to see the awards online live? Who are you rooting for? Click that legendary button right there—>

Yup, the awards is going to live in T minus 2 hours and 30 minutes! Yeah, that’s 1 o’clock here in St. Louis and I have a meeting tomorrow at 11am. Guess who will have bags underneath their eyes tomorrow! I’m going to look like Seungho from MBLAQ! I love that man. Mnet is providing  A LOT resources where you can look at the awards live. There’s Facebook, YouTube, MCube, their official website, their channel if you have it, stream it on your toilet paper, etc. That last one isn’t true, but they really want international fans to see the awards as they should for all the drama that came with voting. I wonder how the Rookie of the year will go after they announce the winner. Who will cry? Who will be praise dancing? Hopefully, I’ll be praise dancing. You’ll see tomorrow. Here’s my question: will the awards have subtitles? Seriously, I mean I’m learning Korean, but I would like to have some subtitle on here. Jeez…Another question: Why is Snoop Dogg there? Plus, his name isn’t Snoop Dogg anymore, but Snoop Lion. I don’t know, but hopefully he doesn’t have any drugs on him…right. Heck, Adam Lambert is there. Apparently, he’s performing… That’s what I’m seeing on the Facebook page. Why am I still in St. Louis? Dang!

Here’s some links to see the awards live!

YouTube link:

Facebook link:



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