Rookie of the Year Award STOLEN!

Who won the Rookie of the Year award? B.A.P or EXO? Neither won it. so who did? Was with because of the fanwar? My reaction on the whole thing right here!tumblr_lyzx4xm9km1r59bh8I don’t know about you guys, but I feel robbed! Dang it, I’m not even the one who is getting the award! So, you know how the MAMA is six hours long, somehow I will NEVER get over that, but it feel as if I could have just went to bed and wait until the morning for the result. That’s not real supportive Kanaissa! Yes, I know, but I was waiting for the Rookie of the Year announcement and it wasn’t the result I wanted. Heck, if EXO-K won the thing I still would have been happy because they were second in the voting process! My question is: Who the heck is Busker Busker? Tell me who are they? Last time I checked they were at 16% at the voting thing, so why do we vote? What’s the purpose if it’s not going to swing our way? Did Busker Busker’s fans search their name at the other sites or something because this doesn’t make any sense!

tumblr_lhcswgGhhO1qc1oi5I don’t want to point any fingers, but I blame Mnet! In this world, you have to blame somebody, but people in the Tumblr world are saying that because of the fanwar they were disqualified. Okay, Mnet here’s my problem, if you were going to disqualify them then you should have just said so instead of trolling us to watch the broadcast! I’m really REALLY pissed if that was the case because they wasted my time and probably other people’s time by doing that! I could have been sleep, dang it. Another question: How come they didn’t announce it like they did Best New Female Artist? I was thinking about that around 6 in the morning. Yes, that’s about the time I went to sleep, but why did they do that way? Did they not want fans to leave the live broadcast, like I did, or they didn’t want fans to boo Busker Busker while they were on stage? I keep wishing that it’s the last reason because if that stadium was filled with Babyz and Exotics than all heck would have broke loose. Wouldn’t that be a sight to see? Babyz and Exotics working together? I think it’s possible now since both were robbed. Now, back to the possible cause of the robbed, fanwars. Mnet should know that they were going to be some hostility during the voting process, it’s not like they haven’t been through it before, so what’s up with the B.S? Why do it when clearly both B.A.P and EXO were ahead of the game? Voting wise and search wise? Let me stop the more I think about it the more I get upset.

Congratulation to Busker Busker. I should at least congratulate them, no matter how I feel right?


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