Beast 20 day challenge Kanaissa Edition!

It’s back  ya’ll! The challenge is back! Let’s see how well I do this month. Since you it’s Beast month I’m doing their challenge. Let’s see the first challenge.

Day 1: My bias and why?

Really, somehow I thought there was going to be a challenge, but Lee Gi Kwang is my bias. He’s just adorable, he wears amazing beanies, and he has amazing eye smiles. Now, I would explain it all, school blog, but after you look at the pictures and videos you’ll understand why!





20110207220108147n2_220925_0-e13068247942351Crazy Gi Kwang!






Gi kwang loves you!




Click to make work! Gi Kwang wants to muah you!




This video sealed the deal!

Adorable! Until tomorrow!


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