Happy Belated Birthday to…

Jeez, this no way to start this Christmas month by posting last month birthdays is it? This time I have a good reason! It’s finals week. Nough said. Anyway, let get to it!

spica-spica-kpop-30129656-480-640Happy belated birthday to Juhyun! She turned 27 years old on November 29th and she’s a member of SPICA. Please let that be the real size of her eyes because they’re huge, but all in all a make up less selca.

lee-minhyuk-btob-selca-2Happy belated birthday to Minhyuk! He turned 23 years old on November 29th and he’s a member of BTOB. Man, I did a lot of 1990’s birthdays, but the one I didn’t do *grabs a tissue* Bang YongGuk’s birthday! I’ll for sure do it next year. *Regain myself* Okay, this is turning out to be a make up less selca post. Look at Minhyuk without make up! He’s like, “I don’t even care!”

tumblr_llisnnN7u41qfvxqvo1_500Happy belated birthday to Ghun! He turned 24 years old on November 30th and he’s a member of X-5. Pout face selca! Sorry, couldn’t find one without the make up.

27693069Happy belated birthday to Siwan! He turned 25 years old yesterday and he’s a member if ZE:A. No selca of him…maybe I didn’t search hard enough, but I love this picture!


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