Happy Birthday to the December 3rd Babies!

Ha, surprised ya huh? I’m back on track y’all! Check out the birthday idols today!

tumblr_m7awjyWIct1r99e7fo2_1280Happy Birthday to Hyeongkon! He’s turning 25 years old today and he’s a member of A-Jax! He’s going to hit my bias list in a minute because….just because. Guess what? He’s the leader of A-Jax. I don’t know about me and K-pop group leaders, but it’s getting out of control. Click the picture to make work!



574-jiu-qigsHappy Birthday to Ji-U! She’s turning 22 years old today and she’s a member of Chi Chi! I haven’t had Chi Chi in awhile, but the name? Okay, in a America there’s this girl name Le-a, or something along those line I really don’t remember stupid names, but anyways we would think her name is Lea or Leea. No, it’s Ledasha. Yeah, apparently the dash isn’t silent. So, that’s why I posed this question, but I doubt she’s not, uh, crazy.


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